Method Collection

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At Kontrapunkt we merged strategic-and-graphic design and were able to fuse strategic goals and aesthetics resulting in genuinely creative solutions for clients. I mainly worked on creating a new identity for Dansk Magisterforening, now DM, the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs. To see the project please look at Kontrapunkt´s website: 

At Kontrapunkt we worked with distinct strategic methods, that I made into a method collection:
A | BRAND SALAT is a method developed to map out the competitor landscape of a client's visual appearance.
B | STINKY FISH is an exercise for clients to describe their fears related to a new identity.
C | BRANDING PYRAMID is used to describe the hierarchy of brand elements.
D | MISE EN PLACE WORKSHOP os a workshop with the client, where we talk about each branding element.


Strategy & Design:
Cecilie Vår Norsahl

Collaboration Partner:

Christina Juul Bladt, Nille Halding, Nanna Sverrild, Troels Degett Holmsted, Cecilie Axelsen, Cathrine Gro Frederiksen, Sidsel Godshaw Møller, Rasmus Michaëlis, Torsten Lindsø Andersen & Nathalie Sira Sidibe Jakobsen.

DM – Fagforening